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Thomas had moved to Dubai with his family in 1994, following a very artistic family Tom had many opportunities to experience different forms of art, including extreme sports, music and of course dance.

Tom founded Sharmila’s classes in 2006, where he hasn’t stopped since, joining the professional team in 2011. Developing Tom’s relationship with Sharmila he has enabled a position in the company as well as a professional dancer with a variety of styles including Contemporary/Hiphop/Acrobatics/street jazz and many more.

Joining Sharmila Dance as an employee from 2011 till date, Tom had also graduated with BA Honours in Audio Production.

Tom has performed around the Middle east at such shows like the Dubai world cup/2012 Cricket series entertainment/Huawei-Acer-Samsung-Opel Product Launches/Ahlan Hot 100/Nivea 100th Anniversary/PSL opening/Dubai Fitness challenge and many many more Exhibitions/Fashion shows/Concerts & Sporting events.