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Jojo has first started out by joining a dance team in the Philippines in the 2000’s and quickly realized that he has found his passion. By early 2000’s, he has already started working as a professional dancer all around Philippines. Since coming to Dubai, Jojo has collaborated with Dubai’s biggest dance companies to work on major events around the city.

Besides dancing, Jojo has worked as choreographer, Tron LED lights, puppeteer and a teacher. He is a certified Zumba and Les Mills Body Combat Instructor who has worked at major gyms around Dubai.

He started teaching Boys Only Hip-Hop at the Sharmila Dance Center in order to share his passion for dance with the next generation of young dancers.


Some of his other projects include:


  • MTB Dancer (Masayang Tanghali Bayan) ABS – CBN

2002 to 2003           Choreographer: Mrs. Ana Feliciano


  • ASF Dancer (Wowowee) ABS – CBN

2003 to 2004           Choreographer: Mrs. Ana Feliciano


  • Free Male Dancer (Home Boy, MRS, ASAP) ABS – CBN

2004 to 2006           Choreographer: Mr. Josh Valdez


  • Verve Dance Company

2008 to 2010           Choreographer: Mr. Lou Oca (Hotlegs)


  • Dancer at Resort World Manila

2012 to 2013           Choreographer: Mr. Chris Nicolas


  • Freelance Dancer (Hotlegs Dance Company)

2013 to till date     Choreographer: Mrs. Nancy Crowe


  • Freelance Dancer in Dubai

2016 to till date